Biden pays off student loans, jacks up your taxes, spikes inflation

Biden signed off on the “student loan forgiveness” plan. As you may know, here’s what he promised:


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Knock knock. Who's there? Biden & More Taxes...
Biden just raised your taxes

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Joe Biden during conference

Even the Democrats can’t believe his next move:

But there’s a lot of angry people out there, because they paid for their college. They worked their way through college. So did their parents. They didn't take vacations, buy new cars, or go out to restaurants, to save for their kids' college.

So now Biden’s going to take your money, then pay off the student loans of anyone who earned a useless degree. A degree that can’t even earn them a living to pay off their own school loan.

But those who did the right thing are going to get screwed, because…

They say anyone earning more than $50,000 a year will probably pay more taxes.

First rising gas prices, then rising food prices, rising energy bills, all on top of inflation… think your savings will survive?

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✔️ 20 grand If you went to college on Pell grants.
✔️ 10 grand if you didn't receive Pell grants.
✔️ Forgiveness applies to those earning less than 125 grand.
✔️ Student loan pause will be extended through December 31st, 2022.
✔️ Plus if you have an undergraduate loan, you can cap your repayment of 5% of your monthly income.